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Mike Morley, creator of Irish TV, is a seasoned journalist contributing work to television, print media and the internet. Mike produces Irish TV to celebrate Irish heritage locally, nationally and internationally.

For twenty-eight years, Irish TV has focused its lens on Ireland and Irish culture. Now viewers from around the world will be able to enjoy Irish Journal TV on the internet - exclusively on this site.


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Our current show features master fiddler NATALIE MacMASTER, along with her uncle BUDDY MacMASTER. CLANNAD'S lead singer MOYA BRENNAN returns to the show once again, along with three young beauties from Washington State- Greta, Willow, and Solana- THE GOTHARD SISTERS. SPREE is back, along with CHICAGO REEL, and the TRINITY DANCERS. [This program also airs online at http://IRISHTV.US/ Also browse to http://IRISHEYE.US for articles.] ENJOY!